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Oregon Employability Skills helps people learn and develop skills through hands-on learning and in-class experiences. These skills prepare them for future jobs in their chose field, enhancing opportunities for a successful future. Start your journey today!

Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum

OES badges for empathy, entrepreneurial mindset, resilience, self-awareness, and social diversity/awareness.

What is the Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum?

This dynamic curriculum is designed to equip students with the practical skills and mindsets necessary to transition from school to the workforce and beyond. The curriculum focuses on a range of crucial employability skills by providing discussion prompts, videos, lessons, and handouts. 

  • Adaptability: Open to Change
  • Collaboration: Team Player
  • Digital Literacy: Good with Technology
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Go-Getter
  • Self-Awareness: Self-Understanding
  • Analysis/Solution Mindset: Problem Solver
  • Communication: Good Communicator
  • Empathy: Sensitive to Others' Feelings
  • Resilience: Plans for Success and Handles Failure
  • Social Diversity/Awareness: Sensitivity to Differences

OES Exploration Curriculum

Find OES curriculum developed for educators and community partners to teach 5th-9th graders as well as overviews for families and caregivers.

work readiness Curriculum

Find OES curriculum developed for educators, community partners, and employers to to develop skills in their workforce.

OES Guide: Please evaluate and use the curriculum that will most benefit your learners

OES Awareness is for grades 1st through 6th, OES Exploration is for grades 5th through 9th, OES Work Ready is for grades 8th through adult learners.

 (OES Awareness is under development and coming soon)