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Welcome to Oregon Employability Skills, an industry and education collaboration!

We are thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking initiative that will significantly enhance the educational experience for both you and your students. With great excitement, we present the Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum, a comprehensive and open-access resource designed to empower students with the essential skills they need to transition into the ever-evolving world of careers successfully.

Collaborating with educational experts, industry professionals, and the vibrant Oregon community, we have developed a curriculum addressing the growing demand for a well-rounded skill set beyond academic knowledge. The world is changing rapidly, and the skills required for a successful career continuously evolve. As educators, you are pivotal in preparing students for academic excellence and to thrive in the workplace.

What is the Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum?

This dynamic curriculum is designed to equip students with the practical skills and mindsets necessary to transition from school to the workforce. The curriculum focuses on a range of crucial employability skills:

  • Adaptability: Open to Change        
  • Analysis/Solution Mindset: Problem Solver    
  • Collaboration: Team Player            
  • Communication: Good Communicator    
  • Digital Literacy: Good with Technology    
  • Empathy: Sensitive to Others’ Feelings
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Go-Getter    
  • Resilience: Plans for Success & Handles Failure     
  • Self-Awareness: Self-Understanding    
  • Social Diversity/Awareness: Sensitivity to Differences

Why Choose the Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum?

  • Open Access: The curriculum is freely accessible to all educators, ensuring equal opportunity for students to develop essential skills.
  • Industry-Aligned: Developed in consultation with industry experts, the curriculum aligns with real-world demands and trends.
  • Flexible Integration: The modular design seamlessly incorporates into your existing lesson plans.
  • Student-Centric: Focused on student engagement, the curriculum includes interactive activities and real-life scenarios, assessments, and badging.
  • Holistic Growth: Equipping students not just for jobs but for lifelong success by nurturing their personal 

We invite you to explore the Oregon Employability Skills Curriculum and integrate it into your teaching practices. By doing so, you will contribute to your students' holistic development and readiness for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Thank you for your unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Together, we can empower our students to embark on their career journeys with confidence, competence, and a commitment to excellence.
For more information or access to the curriculum, contact